Hello Everyone And Welcome to My Bookish Life!

I am a reader, freelance editor and blogger as well as an author. I began this blog in hopes of sharing some really fun books and some writerly advice for those out there who enjoy reading as much as I do. On this site you will find short and fun book reviews, advice for writers, reviews about bookish products and more. 

As someone who pratically breathes books, it makes sense that I would start a bookish blog as well as my own editorial company, aptly named Powell Editorial and linked below. Likewise, since I have always sought to amplify the voices of those who usually go unheard, I began a writing circle for women of color all around the world. 

This blog is a fun retreat away from work and in it I don’t take myself to seriously so read a few posts, leave me a book recommendation and let’s share our love for literature!

I try to post weekly so be on the look out for updates and follow me so you don’t miss a single thing.


Welcome to my mind! You have taken the first step on a journey that I hope will force you to ask questions. Even the simple ones. You will find random musings, in depth conversations, book reviews and so much more here. This website is a blog based mainly on my love of literature. Therefore, writer’s wisdom, reader’s reviews and insights are the bulk of this sight.

I have worked as an editorial assistant, participated in an international writer’s conference known as Disquiet and work as a freelance writer and editor. Additionally, I run an international writing circle for women of color, and more information about that circle can be found here. If you are a writer, I also am an editor and you can learn more at Powell Editorial.

I post regularly every Monday morning EDT and I post book reviews on Fridays (less regularly).

Feel free to read some of my most popular, earlier blogs and follow me for more. If you have a book you want me to review or an interesting topic to share, don’t be afraid to reach out to me. My contact page is here. I always read and respond to comments so if there is a post you read and have something you’d like to say, no matter how old it is, I’ll see it and get back to you! Have a great day and happy reading!

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